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We are recruiting!

We are currently looking to fill roster spots for the following games as official FGN Sponsored Players:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
America’s Army Proving Grounds
Heroes of the Storm
Killing Floor 2

If you are interested in becoming an official FGN Sponsored Member, please contact me privately at .

However, we are a comm...

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User Registration Purge

We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately, we have had to perform a “Registered User” purge. What this means is that everyone that was registered on the site has been deleted. Please re-register. Thank you for your patience.

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Welcome to Flank Gaming Network’s Website!

Welcome one and all to the new Flank Gaming Network Community Site. This website is dedicated to growing the FGN community into the many facets that FGN covers. If you have a team and need a place to play, this is where we would like for you to end...

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